The trail follows the ancient road travelled by the Matrone Brothers to climb up the Gran Cono from the Boscotrecase mountainside; after almost three decades of works, several destructions by sudden lava eruptions and subsequent reconstructions, the carriageway was opened on 4 January 1927.

The 8 km long trail starts with a concrete section, and then becomes a dirt road, up to the esplanade at 1050 meters of altitude, from where you can reach the Vesuvio Gran Cono by foot

Please be extremely careful on the trails, always check weather conditions and wear appropriate shoes.

The Park Authority has no competence for safety and so it is not responsible for any damage to people and things that may occur during the use of the Park territory.

Length 14.175 metres in total
Maximum altitude 1.060 metres above sea level
Duration 7 hours and in total
Difficulty Medium
Departure/arrival Via Cifelli (Trecase)

The trail, subject to redevelopment works funded entirely by the Park, after being severely damaged by the fire in 2017, will allow tourists and hikers to reach the Vesuvio Gran Cono again, even from the Boscotrecase side, in addition to the Ercolano side, now open.

This will help diminish the tourist flow and reduce the human impact on the territory, in addition to offering a more sustainable and green bike and pedestrian access.

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The trail network is in overall redevelopment and maintenance and some paths may not be equipped with signs. Contact the Park Authority for more information.

Nature trail towards Somma Vesuviana temporarily closed

Nature trail from Somma Vesuviana temporarily closed

Closed nature trail where maintenance interventions will be introduced

Closed nature trail where maintenance interventions will be introduced