Presidente Agostino Casillo

The president Agostino Casillo

"When the Minister of the Environment appointed me as guidance of the Vesuvius National Park, I accepted with great enthusiasm and sense of responsibility."

"I think that the Vesuvius National Park is an inexhaustible source of development for our territory, but it needs to be protected, preserved and valued in its priceless heritage of natural and historical beauty”.

 President since April 2016 


Dr. Stefano Donati

Vice president

Dott. Giuseppe Balzano


Dott. Giuseppe Balzano
Dott. Alberto Boccalatte
Dott. Salvatore Faugno
Dott. Maurizio Conte
Dott. Francesco Ranieri
Dott. Luca Capasso
Dott. Pasquale Raia

Park Community

Dott. Gioacchino Madonna (Presidente)

Board of Supervisors

Dott. Fabio Massimo Spinosa (Presidente)
Dott. Antonio Lettieri
Dott. Giuseppe Bezzeccher

OIV - Independent Performance Evaluation Body Annarita Ottaviano (Presidente)
Dott. Ruggero Annunziata
Dott. Domenico Annunziata