The path is flat and is inside a thick pine forest, designed for pleasant walks and for people with limited difficulties. It was built by the Park Authority in 2004-2005, in Piana Tonda, according to the most modern naturalistic engineering techniques, using natural materials.

The walkway consists of a large wooden platform with supporting chestnut poles, which support the rope handrail. The different stretches, species and environments that can be found are illustrated in billboards, tables and braille texts. The path crosses a stone pine wood, planted in the first half of the twentieth century in an area with recent lava substrate, still visible in some points.

The pine forest can be considered as a wonderful example of urban green, located in a quiet area, albeit close to the city centre, with an itinerary designed to enjoy, in an area of ​​just 3 hectares, the main scenic beauties of the Vesuvius Park.

Please be extremely careful on the trails, always check weather conditions and wear appropriate shoes.

The Park Authority has no competence for safety and so it is not responsible for any damage to people and things that may occur during the use of the Park territory.

Length 1.500 metres in total
Maximum altitude 211 metres above sea level
Duration 30 minutes in total
Difficulty Low
Departure/arrival Via Vecchia Campitelli

Indeed, the route almost immediately immerges the visitor in the atmosphere of the forest, in a silence that is only interrupted by the singing birds of this environment, such as the coal tit, which is very localized in Somma-Vesuvius and in the cold winter days goes down in the woods of the foothills in search of milder climates; you can often run into the graceful incursions of the long-tailed tits, accompanied by the sharp song of the Certhia. You will go from stretches completely immersed in the shade of pine trees to the sunny areas of the Maquis shrubland, sometimes of a barren pyroclastic substrate.

While walking, you can enjoy the view of the western side of the volcano. The path, with continuous hairpin turns and crossings, is designed in such a way to always allow the visitor's proximity to the local species, so that in addition to enjoying the view they can perceive the smells and sounds of the species. For this reason, a specific “garden of perfumes and smells” is also set up, where it is possible to appreciate the main species of the Maquis shrubland.

The path is an excellent destination for tourists who want to know and appreciate in a relatively small space the typical environments of Mount Vesuvius and enjoy the view, for visitors with limited mobility or are visually impaired, in a journey that doesn’t take anything away from the beauty and atmosphere of the Park, for the sportsmen that often come because they find the path and the atmospheric conditions ideal for their training, in the shade of the pine wood.

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The trail network is in overall redevelopment and maintenance and some paths may not be equipped with signs. Contact the Park Authority for more information.