The paths of the Vesuvius National Park

From 2001 to 2003, the Vesuvius National Park created a “Walkway Network of the Vesuvius National Park” consisting of 11 paths for a total length of 54 kilometres of walkway. The interventions concerned the mitigation of the risk on the tracks and the preparation of the latter through specific signs for each path, describing the main naturalistic, geological and historical emergencies you can encounter while walking.

Different types of trails have been created: six circular nature trails (n. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8), an educational trail (n. 9), a panoramic path (n. 6) and an agricultural path (n.7).

As for the mitigation of the risk, stabilization and consolidation interventions were carried out to create 584 cubic metres of double-walled palisades, 845 cubic metres of single-walled palisades, 375 square metres of metal grills, 1,433 metres of viminate , 180 cubic metres of wooden and stone bridles, 2,728 cubic metres of dry stone walls in volcanic stone, over 5,400 square metres of sowing and grassing.

Please be extremely careful on the trails, always check weather conditions and wear appropriate shoes.

The Park Authority has no competence for safety and so it is not responsible for any damage to people and things that may occur during the use of the Park territory.

The trail network is in overall redevelopment and maintenance and some paths may not be equipped with signs. Contact the Park Authority for more information.

Nature trail towards Somma Vesuviana temporarily closed

Nature trail from Somma Vesuviana temporarily closed

Nature trail under maintenance

Closed nature trail where maintenance interventions will be introduced

Closed nature trail where maintenance interventions will be introduced

Nature trail under maintenance

The University of Naples Federico II is leading a research about touristic flows on the Vesuvius National Park’s trails.

The research aims to verify the impacts of soustainable policies in the area.

All the people who have taken an excursion along one of the Vesuvius National Park’s trails are invited to partecipate to this survey available at this link: