In Campania there is a great tradition for the cultivation of cherries, especially in the province of Naples. The Vesuvius area, at the foot of Mount Somma, is renowned for the production of the so-called “Monte del Monte” or “Durona Del Monte”, which has made the history of cherry cultivation in this area.

The cultivation of the cherry tree is concentrated especially at the foot of Mount Somma, where it’s certainly present as an important crop type at least since the era of the Angevin domination. Also in this case, as it often happens on the Vesuvius because of frequent spontaneous crossings, there is a multitude of cultivars which haven’t been fully identified yet.

The cherry Del Monte, also known by the name of Mountain Cherry or Durona del Monte, is considered the best among Campania’s table cherries. It comes with large fruits, but their colour is yellowish-pink on one side and red with yellow dots on the other.

This is a later variety that is harvested between the end of May and the beginning of June. The flesh is clear, very juicy and firm, almost crunchy. Its scent and pleasant acidulous aftertaste are also quite remarkable.

Production area

The territory involved in the production is included in the following municipalities of the park: Massa di Somma, Ottaviano, Pollena Trocchia, S. Anastasia and Somma Vesuviana.


The fruit is recognized for its yellow-pinkish peel on one side and dark red on the other, with yellow dots. The pulp is yellowish, crunchy and very juicy; it ripens between the end of May and the second decade of June.